Art Deco Fonts

Art Deco Fonts Version 4.1 Free trial

An attractive library of bold, elegant and scalable Art Deco style fonts

This program provides just what the name suggests - a library of open-style Art Deco fonts. The Art Deco era coincided with the introduction of machines, not least printing machinery, and the Art Deco Fonts software revives the unique font style that characterized that period. The font style of that time was generally bold, geometrical, slick and stylish and these traits are well represented in Art Deco Fonts, a libary of ten scalable fonts suitable for Windows and Mac Operating System users. The overall feel of the fonts is a vigorous one whilst elegance is cleverly maintained.
In all, there are over 55 hand-made ANSI-based font faces so the majority of languages across Western Europe are accommodated.
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